Lusty Love

There is a weekly column in Times of India which deals with life of a single women. Its one of the series which has more sleaze than content. I usually avoid reading that column, but the other day the heading caught my eye. It was about lust vs love. It has been years since I did the body or soul series over here at pure pursuits, this topic immediately made me go back in time. The theory which caught my eye was about lust being more pure than love.

Really is lust more pure than love?.
Before you jump to conclusion think a bit, I am sure your thoughts will surprise you.

I have to agree that lust cannot be faked. One can easily fake love, but not lust. I know there are people who can fake passion and enjoyment, but can one really fake desire?. I think one of the main reasons being, people fake things to please others, or to give what the others want. Lust, or even desire, having been considered a taboo for a long time, people really don’t consider this is what others want. May be the situation is a different in modern india, still the numbers must be alarmingly low.

Lust does not lead to anything hidden. Love can have a lot of hidden agendas, people use love to achieve power, money a whole lot of things, I guess lust does not really lead to anything but human emotions. It could be happiness, jealousy, satisfaction, pleasure. Aren’t these what makes life worth living?

I have to admit though, Lust is a momentary high, unlike love which can lead to a long term satisfaction. Love can take a while to blossom, where as lust is very quick to bloom. May be being momentary makes it even more enjoyable, and more pure, because one does not expect it to last long, so it does not come with the added baggage of trying to make it last long. One does not have to worry about how you can make sure it lasts forever, because everyone is aware that it doesn’t.



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